Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Save the Blow Dry Review!

Moisture eliminating QUEEN of shower caps!

  • RRP: £14.95
  • banishes bathroom frizz and squashed style
  • super roomy-covers even the longest/thickest of styles
  • comfortable flex grip stops strands from escaping.
The world's most talked about QUEEN of shower caps is now also available in a gorgeous turqoise retro design as well as the original pink bows print,both designs can be brought from thier website.

Important tips for the best results:

  • brush hair
  • if hair is long pin up with a clasp or slide
  • push any stray strands up into hat & ensure hair line is covered
  • bath or shower while looking super cute n sassy!
  • dry body and face before removing save the blow dry.
  • shake the save the blow dry to remove excess water

My thoughts:

I sadly suffer from really dry skin,scalp as well as exzema so i was my hair every 3 days unless needed purely to stop my hair drying out more than is necessary so i was really excited to try the Save the Blow Dry out! now i have tried a few shower caps before and i must say so far i have not been impressed even with properly using i found either they did not fit well or when i took it off my hair would feel wet from where moisture had managed to get into the cap or my hair would be excessivley frizzy!!

Bring on the Save the Blow Dry.

Gorgeous in colour and design but does it work or is it just pretty to look at??
this pvc shower cap has a towel layer inside designed to keep humidity away from your hair in a damp bathroom enviroment(i must say i'm impressed by the clever design you dont normally get a towelling part added.

I must say i was very impressed! it was a great fit,very roomy for those with longer hair,it was very comfortable and non pinchy which i have had before,i managed to shower with no slips,and removing the cap? my hair was dry and non frizzy! it was like i had never had a shower! brilliant.

You can buy Save the Blow Dry from their website,based in the UK however they do ship worldwide. they may cost more than your typical shower cap but they are totally worth the money and what's more they actually work too, so go on treat yourself or your BFF.

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