Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tutu Thursday!

It's that time again time for tutu thursday and this week we have our long awaited custumed tutu!
Alisha's Batgirl this special tutu came from the lovely company Tiny Treasures RRP £19.99(because of the amount of fabric and time put it it will cost more than this if you would like one i only received for this price as it was the first of its kind).

Now due to the cost and style of our very fabolous tutu we are only wearng this one on special occasions/occasional hot day out,so these images are to show you and i will do another post when we wear out but alisha has preschool and i dont want paint all over it! so she has changed into her cupcake tutu.

I will leave you to check it out and dont forget to stop by my friend Viccy's blog to see what Alisha's B.F.F Scarlett is wearing today.

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my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's