Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hoops and Crosses Review

Hoops and Crosses Review

Wholegrain that's a whole lot of fun!
New walkers Baked Hoops and Crosses are perfect for kid's lunchboxes.

I was recently approached by Walkers crisps over on Twitter about receiving and testing something special in the post,i agreed and a couple of weeks later my postie knocked on my door handing me a small green cardboard box with monkeys on.

My 5 year old son loves monkeys so was immediately intrigued as to the contents.

It was a pack of their new Hoops and Crosses in Roast Beef flavour mmmmmmmmmm.

Hoops and Crosses:

  • Available in 3 yummy flavours,salt and vinegar,roast beef and prawn cocktail.
  • 56% holegrain-perfect for sneaking in some goodness.
  • 18g bag.

We all had a taste our thoughts:

They taste just like monster munch which we love!. but they are lots smaller which  meant they were easier for my 2 year old to hold and eat.

My 5 year old grabbed a few and proceeded to try and play a game of  noughts and crosses.

Another success from Walkers!

ohh my 3 and 5 year old also enjoyed the mini booklet with facts...not because of what it said....but because they loved seeing the monkeys hehe.

Walkers Hoops and Crosses
Walkers on Twitter
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