Friday, 27 January 2012

yoomi review

The lovely people over at Yoomi have sent me to test and review one of their fantastic Yoomi self-warming baby bottle.

Contents included are:

  1. 8oz Feeding bottle
  2. Warmer
  3. Medium flow teat.

A bit more about the Yoomi bottle and warmer:

At  just the touch of a button,Yoomi warms your baby's milk to natural breast milk temperature in just 60 seconds.

you can use with or without the warmer.
It is all you will find you will need whether out or at home.
It has a super soft teat to help with easy latching on
Lets your baby feed at normal breastfeeding temperature
Its is great for use with combination feeding or follow on feeding.
The warmer recharges x 100 times.

It was inspired by a mum,designed by a dad.

My thoughts on the Yoomi self-warming bottle:

When i got the chance to review this miracle product i was really excited i couldnt wait to try it out,like many other parents i get frustrated when stuck out somewhere with nowhere to heat up my little mans bottle you tend to have to rush home to feed them or buy a ready made milk carton which to be honest my son's not too keen on as he likes his milk warm.
But then along cam the Yoomi self-warming bottle which solved all of my problems.
All i need to do is firly push the orange bottle,wait 30 seconds until button turns blue put the lid on and turn bottle upside down so the milk fills the teat,then i just feed my son while ensuring the teat remains full.

I was happy as it done exactly as it says it does as it heats the milk as it goes past the warmer and into the teat. The bottle has also been cleverly designed to help keep the milk warm by up to an hour...result:

1 happy baby and 1 very happy mum! :)

The only thing i will warn you of is.....  Preparation is the key!

You need to warm the warmer for 25 minutes in constant boiling water then allow to cool for about 70 minutes before using so it is time consuming to prepare no good if you are in a hurry.however it is fantastic if you know in advance such as the day before you are going out as you can get it ready in advance then you just grab and go on the day.

I personally love the Yoomi and plan to use it on every day out(will just need to make a mental note each time to heat the warmer)
and i will continue to tell mummy friends about it.

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  1. I heard about this bottle but never knew how they worked, thanks for a nice explanation. It really is not worth it if in hurry.


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