Thursday, 19 April 2012

Carddies Review

I have recently been send 2 packs of Carddies to for my son(4) and daughter(11) to test and review

Carddies are card people,colour them in and make up your own stories(the world is your oyster)
when travelling pop us in our box and take us wherever you go for on the go fun!

A bit more about Carddies:

  • Carddies are hand drawn by 2 mums for their children and friends.
  • Made in the uk using premium materials that are made to last.
  • Very universal to both boys and girl's
  • suitable for 3+ years
  • come in 10 fun sets
  • You can buy from Amazon for £8.99
  • 12 card figures
  • 1 card scene
  • 12 colouring pencils
  • 12 stands

Our thoughts:

We received the football and fairies sets, they came in a lovely strong box just take off the film and slide out to get started.lovely eye catching colours and designs.
Very well drawn made to engage and catch childrens 11 year old loved this product she couldnt wait to get stuck in,in fact my 12 year old changed her mind when she saw it said it was really pretty and wanted to help do them too so she done a couple of fairys and the back ground for the football set for my son.My son sat colouring for about 15 minutes but because he has poor pencil grip he tends to tire of writing/colouring for longer periods however his 2 1/2 year  old sister helped by doing some colouring too while my son kept saying thank you alisha u good girl! lol
this colouring set kept my kids entertained for about an hour colouring in,they then went off to play with it for about an hour before bed,my sons wasn't completely finished but as he saw his sisters playing with theirs he wanted to join in too(so the colouring on the rest will be saved to keep entertained on another day.
My kids all really liked this and have asked for another set for christmas so i think we can happily say this has been a big hit!.

My overall thoughts:

  • Bold and eye catching
  • Suitable in my opinion for kids aged 2 1/2 - 12
  • Great value for money
  • Perfect for putting in kids backpacks for on the go fun whether long or short journeys. 

Why not go and check Carddies out yourself by visiting their website here
Their twitter page here
And their facebook page here


  1. Raiden would love these! Never saw, Anything like this before :)

  2. They look really good! the drawings are great too. I think my 2 1/2 yr old would like these, as would my 8 yr old niece.

  3. These look fab my 2 monkeys would love them :)

  4. Tianan would love these, Might look into buying her some for her birthday

  5. linda jefferson19 April 2012 at 15:24

    these look really good , ideal for long journeys to keep the children occupied , my 3yr old grand-daughter would love this as she s always wanting to do colouring x

  6. You are all sweethearts! well worth the effort of all the hours we have spent on Carddies when we read SUCH a lovely review, with fantastic photos and such nice comments!! A BIG THANK YOU xx

  7. Hello The Wonderful Madhouse Gang, I love the colouring in! You are all clearly very talented artists! SO glad you loved the Carddies...they are definitely made with love! Love the photos....we might have to put some up somewhere, with your permission, of course! Don't forget to take them with you on your next trip out. They love being taken wherever you go!!


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